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Rehabilitation Tourism

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Why Germany??

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Worldwide more and more patients seek for medical treatment beyond their national boarder. The good reputation of German specialist brings an increasing number of foreign patients to hospitals in Bonn, Frankfurt, Cologne, Aachen and Dsseldorf..

Very important reasons why Germany has become such a popular destination for medicines :

  1. High-quality medical services
  2. Multilingual: Assistance and interpreter in your mother tongue
  3. The medical system is very advanced, and introduces innovative technologies earlier than in other countries
  4. Optimal treatment in consultation with the attending doctor
  5. Germany is home to many leading medical implant and pharmaceutical companies such Bayer..
  6. Germany is located at the heart of Europe.
  7. Thanks of international airports in most cities is Germany just a short connection flight from other european Countries.
  8. Safety

The Arabic appreciate and like to make use of medical expertise and good health care. Language problems, problems in terms of organisation and differences in the way of thinking cause problems for Arabic patients in Germany. cares for you and solves these problems.