Medical Treatment

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Medical Expertise

We offer to you an excellent medical health care

Rehabilitation Tourism

City tours, trips to the countryside, shopping tours and cultural events

Rehabilitation Tourism

We accompany you to the best medical health centers

Rehabilitation Centers

We make the necessary contacts with specialist doctors and hospitals

Hospital Equipment

We offer you a range of excellent services


The complete organisation of your journey, including transport

Manager check

Duration of examination: about four hours

    • Precise information and personal consultation
    • Your check-up manager will greet you
    • You will have a preliminary talk with your personal medical specialist
    • Laboratory exams
    • Ultrasound exam
    • You will have a light breakfast
    • ECG and stress ECG ("stress test")
    • Ultrasound and color Doppler examination of your heart
    • Ultrasound of your cerebral arteries
    • Assessment of your lungs/pulmonary function test
    • Additional examinations are possible upon request, or if necessary.
    • Skin cancer screening
    • Final discussion
    • You will receive a detailed written report within five days.
    • Additional (preventative) examinations
    • Stress check-up: Additional tests can be conducted regarding "burn-out" syndrome and other disorders.
    • Smoker check-up
    • Gynaecological examination
    • Extensive laboratory check-up
    • Magnet resonance tomography of your head, brain, cervical spine, abdomen, and major arteries.
    • Allergy check including diagnosis and prick test.
    • Urological exam for men including digital exam, blood and urine tests, ultrasound
    • Skin cancer checkup: Checking the skin for any signs of noticeable changes including.
    • Eye examination: Screening for cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinal disease
    • Urological exam for women: including urine test and ultrasound exam of bladder and kidneys.
    • Colon cancer screening test: Colon exam (colonoscopy).

The care for your companions or family members is of great importance for us. The program reaches from city tours, trips to the countryside, shopping tours, cultural events and museums to plastic surgery, dental treatments, and weight reductions. Our standard is to please our guests with a perfect service.